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IOT & Product Development

At XYZeron, we’re passionate about developing great products, exceptional service and
high-quality results. We take your idea from concept to product, processing data while supporting and guiding you through post-production

Our expertise include:  

  • Compact embedded coding for small and low power chips

  • Running operating systems on arm cortexes according to client specifications

  • Designing electronic boards to fit the product requirement 

  • Technical research for PDR & CDR 

  • Technology, automation and robotics consulting for factories and enterprises

The Full Story

Two brothers had a dream of starting a family business.
Passionate about creating and exploring new ideas the brothers joined together
with a team of professionals to deliver innovative technology to the world.


We believe that dreams are not far-fetched. A combination of our past experience
and advanced capabilities brought us to this point – making dreams a reality.  


XYZeron is a company dedicated to finding cutting-edge solutions
and providing great end-to-end service.



Almog Zeron​ – Founder & CEO

  • Economist and MBA graduate​​

  • Commander of an elite unit in the IDF​

  •  Global sales specialist​​​​


Michael Zeron​ – Founder & CTO

  • Information system engineer​

  • Hardware and software designer​

  • Development specialist

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featured projects

Gridi panel.jpg

MIDI sequencer

Electronics, Firmware drivers anf software.


Smart water dispenser

Electronics, Firmware drivers and software.

General Robotics

Personal security robot

Electronic Architecture, Firmware drivers and software of 2 products.

Aqua Creations

Smart light collection

LED lights - Electronic, Firmware drivers and software.

Ayayu games

Firmware and electrical



Agricultural drone

Driver + firmware for Giga Streaming

Our services

Smart light prototype
Fast Prototyping

The fast pace of technology pushes us forward while providing creative results. Our rapid prototyping services will help you reach your goals without compromising the quality of the product. We offer 3D printing,  PCB prototypes, virtual designs and unique features for each project.

Code development

We provide flexible programming capabilities depending on your clients' needs. With our experts' knowledge, we can program in 25 different languages, developing custom-made software for each product. All of our code and product management includes rigorous QA criteria to assure that the product you get is up to standard.

Prototype after production

Production is a delicate process that requires an eye for detail. We divide this process into three stages; POC, small-scale production and mass manufacturing.  Our close relationships and experience with manufacturers allow you to get the best results in each stage.

Over the Air Updates

Post-production is as important as development.  We supply our clients with updated software as well as regular maintenance. Following up on the process helps improve the products and keeping them up to date.

software maintenance
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Our clients

video & image
iot streaming

  • Onboard image processing and recognition

  • Live tracking and object extraction

  • Full HD UPD stream under 200 milliseconds

  • LTE stream capabilities under 1 second

  • Advanced security systems

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From dream to product

We love new ideas and innovation. We will make your dream bigger.

Your own prototype.

Nothing is impossible, we will find the right solution to fit your needs.

First batch to create your product and test it in the real market.

Your dream
Small batch

Mass production of thousands of units.


Post-production support and updates are available according to your needs. 

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