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Full Stack programmer - Python 

XYZeron is a technology company specializing in developing devices for the IoT world


All the company's employees are creators and active partners in projects from the head start to production. We are looking for a Full Stack programmer who loves to develop, innovate and invent actual/physical products that include software.


  • The job includes developing programs with Python that connect to various communication protocols.

  • The position requires taking part in the planning and defining the project, developing and implementing logarithm as well as learning new technologies


Position requirements:

  • A Full Stack programmer with Python working experience of over 2 years – A Must / required

  • Degree in Electronics Engineering/ Software Engineering/ computer science – advantage

  • Familiarity with protocols and various communication systems Z-WAVE, BLE,WIFI,LTE - advantage

  • Knowledge and actual experience with micro-processors programming – advantage

  • Knowledge and familiarity with technologies, sensors, engines, processors and control/regulating systems – advantage

  • Working ability with automated equipment and systems – advantage

  • Reading and understanding electrical schemes - advantage

  • High level/command in English – A Must/required



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